<!–:en–>A new visual identity at Hotel California<!–:–><!–:fr–>Une nouvelle identité visuelle au California<!–:–>

Renovation at Hotel California goes hand-in-hand with a new visual identity. Yannick Bonal, who is a freelance designer, piloted the creation of this brand-new graphic universe that modernizes the codes of the famous historical logo. The contemporary atmosphere in the hotel entrance and the palette of colors used in the new rooms have also contributed to establishing this new identity, which is more representative of our redesigned offer.

Creation of the new logo version was based on three main components:
The Swan, the hotel’s historical emblem, has always represented celestial light in all civilizations because of its white color, strength and grace. Gray, a symbol of Mercury, conveys the concepts of linking, exchange, movement and adaptation. Red, from cinnabar or vermillion, is the essence of color, the first color, the color of Adam (from the Latin “Adamus”: made of red earth) and universally considered to be the fundamental symbol of the life principle because of its force, power and brilliance.

You will now find elegant variations of this set of elements everywhere in our hotel: in rooms, at the bar, in the restaurant or on or different communication supports. In 2012, you will also discover a brand-new brochure.