Sustainable development: a daily commitment

Ecology at the service of comfort

The Hôtels du Roy are committed to a global approach of ecological optimization. The Group uses the best of the Green Label and Green Globe approaches while building on practical experience and looks forward to 2012 normalization and improved customer comfort. Actions concern equipment and personnel, as well as suppliers. Working with this complete chain has enabled obtaining first results.


LED light bulbs replacing standard bulbs, money-saving toilet flush mechanisms, anti-splash nozzles, individual air-air cooling units, collection of plastic hangers, thermal and phonic insulation in rooms. Replacement of bath towels at the customer's discretion. Valid for all Group establishments.


On-going training as concerns simple gestures with an immediate impact on the environment. Use of recycled paper for internal documents and the printing of commercial documentation. Sorting of waste. In areas reserved for the staff: LED lights with a motion sensor, faucets with automatic turn-off, water fountains with filters.


Each supplier must draw up a list of specifications influencing the decision to be made on bids. The laundry service must take into account its choice of washing powders, detergents and wash cycles. The kitchen staff imposes product traceability for products supplied. Organic produce, fair trade, proximity of production and consumption areas.