The address

An exceptional setting: this is the first distinctive mark of each brand establishment. Every hotel in the Hôtels du Roy Group is located in a neighborhood that is prestigious, authentic and close to the best of what Paris has to offer.In Nice, our establishment offers the most beautiful view of the Bay of Angels and of the city, without a doubt.

Beautiful hotels in beautiful neighborhoods, to meet the demands of our customers.

Combine the best of the past while going well beyond the idea of mere comfort: this is the second pillar of our approach. Our establishments are dedicated to making you fall in love with the City of Light, for an unforgettable stay.

"In tune with the times"

Sustainable development at the service of comfort. The Hôtels du Roy are committed to global ecological optimization while continuing to improve comfort.

The atmosphere

Each hotel has a rich history that is based on the Enlightenment way of thinking, where presenting one's country and the ways to love it becomes a source of enthusiastic pride. Guests are welcomed discreetly, with attention to personalized details. Each place is unique and contributes to delimiting a collection of hotels with very specific personalities. Find the one that corresponds to your current desires or to the theme of your stay.