Les Hôtels du Roy support the association "A Chacun Son Everest" (Everybody has their own Everest)

- 5th August 2014

Les Hôtels du Roy, has been suporting the action of the association A chacun son Everest (Everybody has their own Everest) for several years.

For the 20th anniversary of the creation of the association that will take place on 8th november 2014, our hotels will supply 50 rooms to accomodate children, volunteers and members of the association.

The association was founded in 1994 by Dr Christin Janin (first french woman to clim the Everest) and Pr André Baruche (from Rober Debré hospital pediatric hematology department). Its aim is to help children suffering from cancer and leukemia on the path to recovery by giving them a symbolic and therapeutic challenge : climbing a mountain. Every year from 15 to 20 weeks of camps fully paid by the association are organized and in 20 years over 3500 children and tenagers successfully climbed their own Everest.

If you wish to support the association and help these kids on the path of healing you can donate on the website of A chacun son Everest.

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