A quest for excellence

All our staff members are motivated by this gracious way of thinking. Their loyalty is rare is the hotel business; they know our regular customers well and have naturally established an understanding with them. This is part of a "made-to-measure" welcome that exists nowhere else with such ease.

The notion of service is like that of friendship: it's not something that can be improvised. It is built over time and is intensified by small gestures that are not found in any guidebook. By definition, these gestures are meant for a specific individual at a particular time.

Our Gold Key concierge service reflects the house spirit of doing one's best with careful consideration for others. Time spent at a Hôtel du Roy stands out for the quality of service provided, as well as for the unique relationships established by the hotel staff in direct and indirect contact with you. Only an independent group like ours can instill this motivation to satisfied teams that are proud of their personal touch.

A team of true professionals with specialized skills at your service : Concierge, Head of Reception, Head Housekeeper, Restaurant Director, Customer Relationships, Technical Directo, Commercial, Reservations , Seminars / Banquets...

Your impression is built on a multitude of visible and invisible services. Every day, we work consciously toward this goal by refining details and leaving nothing to chance; the magic of the human heart does the rest.