L'Epopée du canal de Suez, des pharaons au XXIe siècle (The Suez canal saga, from the Pharaohs to the 21st century), exhibition

From Wednesday, March 28 2018 to Sunday, August 5 2018

Now boarding for this exhibition!

In images, texts, videos and even fiction, embark on a journey to the most famous artificial waterway in the world.
Much more than a simple visit, it is an immersive experience which shapes the exhibition, over a route structured around four time periods.

First of all, welcome to the canal's inauguration, with great pomp, on 17th November 1869.
Then go back in time to the origins of the canal, some 1800 years BCE. As the idea of allowing small boats to go from the Nile to the Red sea, and, as such, connect it to the Mediterranean, was born very early on.
Then we head back to the 19th century to discover the life of the construction workers before focussing on Nasser's discourse and the nationalism of 1956.
The exhibition finishes with a look at the beauty of the landscapes.

Arab World Institute in Paris (IMA)
1 rue des Fossés-Saint-Bernard - Place-Mohammed-V
75005 Paris
01 40 51 38 38
Metro: Jussieu, Cardinal Lemoine and Sully Morland

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