Edith Piaf, or the beauty of the shadow which expresses itself in light, exhibition

From Monday, September 9 2013 to Monday, May 5 2014

Behind a great friendship.

Legend has it that Jean Cocteau and Edith Piaf to be both off October 11, 1963. Following the death of artists, Le Parisien Libéré even published a catchy headline that maintained the legend surrounding their death: "The death of Edith Piaf killed Jean Cocteau" The truth, however, differs slightly from legend…

Piaf and Cocteau maintained a sincere friendship, imbued with a deep mutual respect for their artistic talents. They had become accustomed to corresponding by letter, as evidenced by the letter found at Piaf's home at the time of her death.

This exhibition traces their intimate relationship which was full of tenderness and beauty.

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